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Travel News:
On June 19, 2020, the Canarian rules for the new normal in Lanzarote were officially announced. Accordingly, a corona negative test as a prerequisite for entry does not seem to be implemented.

The following entry requirements apply to Lanzarote from June 21, 2020:
• Completing a questionnaire that you receive on the plane or on the ship. Here you should provide information about your state of health and your contact details during your stay on Lanzarote. The questionnaire must be submitted on entry.
• Checking body temperature (temperature measurement) upon arrival on Lanzarote. There are three scenarios:
1. If less than 37.5 degrees Celsius are measured, you can continue your journey without further control.
2. If a body temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius is measured, you will be examined by the medical personnel on site at the airport or port. If no further corona symptoms are found (one symptom would be a cough, for example), you can drive to your accommodation on Lanzarote despite an elevated temperature or fever.
3. If the medical personnel also detects other corona symptoms in case of an increased body temperature, a PCR test (corona test) will be carried out in the hospital on Lanzarote. If the corona test is positive (you are infected), you and your family members, who may be traveling with you, have to go to an accommodation especially designed for corona cases. A quarantine must be completed there. There are already a number of fixed holiday accommodations on Mallorca. This will probably follow for Lanzarote soon. If the corona symptoms will get worse, you will be taken to the hospital. If the Corona test is negative, you can continue your journey as planned.
Why Lanzarote?
In contrast to other areas in Europe, Lanzarote is a WHOLE YEAR AREA: 52 weeks of sailing fun, 300 days of sunshine a year, award-winning marinas, anchorages around Lanzarote and all of this only within 4-5 hours flight from Central Europe! Optimal sailing weather in the temperate climate of the eternal spring of the Canary Islands.
Why Lava Charter?
Lava Charter stands for quality, service and security.
Quality: We attach great importance to maintenance! Our boats are blocked and serviced for 17 weeks each year so that you can always find your boat in top condition!
Service: We take care of all your wishes, you can fully concentrate on your sailing trip. Read our blog about our all-in-one pack. If you need help we are always available with our 24/7 workshop and emergency number and will be happy to help you!
Security: get your season back and benefit from our special offer with which you can book flexibly! If your booking – due to Covid 19 – cannot take place in summer or winter 2020 – simply postpone your trip to 2021 without additional costs! We adhere to all government safety regulations and ensure that the boats are cleaned as usual and disinfected according to specifications.
Inexpensive flights:
Ryanair currently offers the cheapest flights. Return flight from e.g. you can currently book Frankfurt from 90 euros! Ryanair currently flies to Arrecife on Wednesdays and Sundays. We are happy to adjust our check-in times to your flights, contact us by phone or email.
**We wish you and your loved ones health! Keep fit and always dream of your next sailing trip in the Canary Islands! Our welcome beer is cold and eagerly awaits you and your crew!

Fair winds,