The team in our Las Galletas charter base in Tenerife has been invited to participate in an exciting “Sailing Living Fest” which aims to help the public understand more about the sailing world. The event is set to take place on the 29th and 30th January and will be streamed on the internet for international viewers.
The Sailing Living Fest will touch the surface of a vibrant lifestyle that celebrates life at sea and a marvellous community of people. Visitors can enjoy music, magic, innovative technical demonstrations and a thorough introduction to boats and boating.
The Lava Charter team will talk about sailing around the local westerly Canary Islands, including tips and advice on itineraries. Manager José Carbó and maintenance supervisor Binio will also run through an onboard check-list, identifying how to prepare a boat for setting out to sea.
Sailing involves developing a profound technical understanding and skill set but also enjoying some of the finest pleasures life has to offer. We are delighted to be able to support Diego de Miguel and his Sailing Living Lab project in this endeavour.