Our weekly news about the lockdown and exit plans

The Spanish government wants to extend the “state of emergency” about one month, because of the Corona-pandemic. The minister president Pedro Sánchez told in a live TV speech on 15th May, that he will apply for a last extend about one month.

Currently the European Comission, the Ministry of Transport and other organizations publish guides and guidelines on how to safely resume activity in the different subsectors of tourism. Hosteltur.com reports: “Lanzarote will request to be the destination of the first safe flight after the Covid-19 lockdown.” Also the German TUI chef Marek Andryszak tells in an interview with RTL that flights will take place this summer and that he is optimistic that tourism will be possible. But currently nobody can say when tourism will be possible again.

Reaction of the tourism sector

More and more organizations of touristic sectors complain about the strong restrictions and ask for more liberties. Specially the Canary Islands where there have been the least corona infections of Spain organize themselves for the preparation of a save return to a restart of tourism activity. Islands like Lanzarote are specialized on land and water sports. This sector can be structured very safe, because of activities you do in small groups or alone. There are no big cities and the beaches are not overfilled. Also sailing will be one of the safest activities in times of Corona because of the given fact that you are in a small group on the sea without having much contact to others. There has to be a difference between mass and individual tourism that supports the locals!

An overview of our booking and cancelation conditions (Get your season back!)

– Free, flexible, uncomplicated!

– You book with us on your desired date and have up to 30 days before the start of the booking to postpone your booking.

– Alternatively, you receive a voucher

– Pay in the steps you prefer 30%, then 70% or 30%, 20% and then 50 %

– If your booking however can’t take place in winter 2020, postpone it with the same conditions to 2021

Interview with Jan

Jan (base manager) joined an Interview with NauticEd. Jan is a circumnavigator, sailing enthusiast and worked as a sailing teacher. He answers a lot of questions about the Canary Islands, the sailing area there, nature, marinas and anchorages. Half an hour of concentrated knowledge for you! Did you know that there are 35 different types of sea mammals around the Canaries yearly? Why are they called Canary Islands? Where are the best anchorages? What sailing conditions are waiting for you? Find the answers here (Link).

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