Marina Lanzarote

De-escalation plan:
The Canary Island’s Minister of Health wishes to end the third phase of de-escalation as soon as possible. Even if “without hurry”, “the economy must come to the fore again”, said Julio Pérez. It was originally planned that the last phase would last until June 21.

Mask requirement in Spain:
Up to 100 euros penalty. Accordingly, the mask requirement should be in force not only on the road, but also in air, sea and local public transport. However, a mask requirement should also be mandatory in private vehicles, provided that the occupants of the vehicle do not live in the same household. People with chronic respiratory diseases still are exempt from the requirement to wear a mask. However, they must be able to demonstrate their suffering.

Movement between the islands should be allowed:
The Canarian government expects that unrestricted movements between the individual islands will be possible next week. The recording of health data should then also be partially automated.

Cheap discounts vs. Service and quality:

Many charter agencies only throw discounts around: 40%, 50%, 30%. The struggle has begun to attract customers with discounts, but doesn’t quality and service fall by the wayside? How is that supposed to work in the long run? Do we want to let the charter industry atrophy or do everything together to ensure that this industry maintains the standards of quality, service and trust?
We at Lava Charter say very clearly: NO to insane discounts that inevitably lead to underpayment of employees, quality and service deficiencies. We want to continue to maintain our high maintenance standards, strengthen our team and give you a completely satisfactory sailing holiday. We are always there for you thanks to our 24/7 workshop and emergency service. Enjoy the benefits of our mandatory all-in-comfort package:

  • All marina fees on the entire Canary Islands are included. You only have to report to the port on arrival via handheld radio, everything else is already done.
  • anchor permits as for the wonderful anchorage in front of “La Graciosa” or permits for entering the island “Los Lobos” are of course also included
  • You will find the boat with beds and towel sets for each crew member
  • The gas filling has already been done
  • You have the choice between SUP and dinghy (with outboard motor and petrol)
  • Automatic vests with life belts for every crew member, baby / child life jackets and lifelines are on deck.
  • There is also extensive equipment: handheld radio, binoculars, navigation tools, map material (digital / terrestrial) and much more! Skipper bag / boat equipment (with link)

Why Lanzarote?

In contrast to other areas in Europe, Lanzarote is a WHOLE YEAR AREA: 52 weeks of sailing fun, 300 days of sunshine a year, award-winning marinas, anchorages around Lanzarote and all just 4-5 hours flight from Central Europe!
If the summer season in the Mediterranean cannot take place, you have the unique opportunity to catch up on summer even in winter! Optimal sailing weather in the temperate climate of the eternal spring of the Canary Islands. Get your season back! And if your booking – due to circumstances – cannot take place in 2020 due to Covid 19 – simply postpone your trip to 2021.