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Are the Canary Islands already in phase two of the corona de-escalation on Monday?
Last Monday, the Government of the Canary Islands submitted an application to move into phase 2 of the de-escalation plan. The medical capacities of the archipelago were examined. A decision was made on Friday May 23rd: The Canary Islands can enter phase 2 on Monday. This is the penultimate stage of de-escalation, with which the residents regain essential freedoms for their everyday lives. 

When is tourism possible again?
Domestic tourism is to be possible again from June, and foreign tourists are to be welcomed back to the Canary Islands from July. According to their own research, direct flights from Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg and Munich to Lanzarote are again possible from the end of June, but the renewal of the entry regulations and the course of the pandemic have to be awaited. 

Why book with Lava Charter?

  • Free, flexible and uncomplicated
  • You book with us at your desired date and have up to 30 days for departure time to postpone your booking (free of charge) 
  • Alternatively, you will receive a voucher
  • Different payment models of your choice: 30%, then 70% or 30%, 20%, then 50%
  • If, for various reasons related to Covid 19, your booking cannot take place in the winter of 2020, postpone it to 2021 at the same prices

Why is flexibility so important?
No one knows how to proceed with the Corona pandemic and no one has the master plan, so we thought about offering you the possibility to postpone your booking flexibly. This works so well for us, as the Canary Islands are a year-round sailing area. We inspire sailors with 300 days of sun, 52 weeks of sailing fun and steady trade winds in a sailing area for beginners to professionals! 

Tenerife now completely closed
The last 2 weeks Jan, David, Danae, Niko and Valentina were busy to transfer the last 3 boats from Tenerife to Lanzarote! Especially for Valentina and David, overnight sailing was a new experience that they would like to tell about it in an interview next week! David works in the maintenance of the boats, Valentina works with us in the office in Arrecife as a sales assistant and has only little sailing experience so far (along the coast of Lanzarote and a day trip in the Mediterranean). On the phone she reported about an overwhelming starry sky, the sighting of many dolphins and their accompaniment and of course also about the athletic effort and perseverance that such a crossing brings with it: “It’s very funny when you only have the rough Atlantic around you, the waves whipping towards you, day and night, but fortunately I had full confidence in Skipper Jan, so that I was never afraid.” Would she do it again? You’ll find out in the interview next week. The Tenerife base is completely closed after the overpasses, now 200% of Lanzarote is waiting for you. Get your season back!

We wish you and your loved ones continued health, early sailing trips in the most beautiful all-year sailing area in Europe and the wind at your side!

Fair winds,