Interviews with Valentina and David about the transfer of our yachts “Tortuga” and “Camino”.
Valentina and David from the team LAVA CHARTER dared to take part in a transfer from Tenerife to Lanzarote! The two have little sailing experience and tell us about their experiences while sailing. What was special for her was the sailing without stops, the night sailing and the distance to the coast. 260 nautical miles with our Dufour 382 and 412.


Who ware you and what is your job at Lava Charter? 
Valentina, Italian origins, with a tourism degree and globetrotter soul. Recently joined Lava Charter at the end of October 2019 as Sales Assistant.

Have you ever sailed before?? 
I’ve sailed several times in the past but just during the day, along the coasts of Lanzarote or in Med Sea with sailing yachts and catamaran, and with a caique in Turkey.

How was it for you to sail overnight?
It has been incredible to go deeper into the dark. The stars and the marine bioluminescence dominate everything there outside. 

Tell about your highlights?
It has been amazing for me to spend an entire night and entire day completely in open water, without any trace of the coast. And of course seeing a huge quantity of dolphins swimming and jumping around you has definitely an hypnotic effect.

Was it exhausting? Did you have fear?
I never experienced the feeling of fear, I totally trusted Jan and his expertise. Of course sailing for more than 40 hours without intermediate stops it’s quite exhausting: freezing at night, very sunny during the day and water and wind constantly into your face.
A special thanks also to natural ginger, to reduce seasickness!

Would you do it again? 
Yes of course! It’s a priceless experience: adventure, adrenaline, challenge and at the same a full immersion into the nature, into the ocean, into the blue.


Who are you and what is your job at Lava Charter?
My name is David Galvez Bellido, I’m from Madrid but passionate about the Ocean and everything around it. Due to my status as a diving instructor and certain changes in my life, I decided to close my company, sell my house and change the gray asphalt for the arid and always changing Lanzarote. I work at Lava Charter as a Maintenance Officer for our fabulous sailboats. Performing multiple tasks to keep them ready to sail the ocean.

Have you sailed before?
In my experience as a diving instructor I have spent many days aboard some larger boats in what is called “life on board”. Red Sea, Maldives, Dominican Republic … but I never sailed before. It is surprising the force of the wind and the sailing the waves with a monohull of ours.

What was it like for you to sail at night?
Indescribable. Amazing. We sailed without clouds, with a quarter moon and far from light pollution, giving us the pureness of our planet and a stunning view of a wonderful jet-black sky riddled with stars with perfectly recognizable constellations. Beautiful!
In a grayish and sometimes purple sea, my imagination lead me to the legends of sailors, pirates, mermaids and great beasts that we have read from. This phantasy I had was completed by the ghostly sounds of the wind and the splashes of salty water that spattered my retina. My phantasy and these unique impressions converted this journey to the best and most responsible moment in the absolute solitude of the ocean.

Was it exhausting? Did you were afraid?
There is a part of the concentration that stops working to 100% due to fatigue and although it depends on physical wear and tear, it is what keeps you alert. We are in the middle of the ocean! If fear is emotion, I am excited!

Would you do it again?
If you never were a Pirate but you would like to be … Why are you still on the ground? Well, that means of course!!!