If you really want to enjoy the bathing fun, go on the sailing trip “Bathing Week”. In the south route you can expect short strokes, beautiful anchorages and usually constant winds. In addition to bathing fun, the route also offers the perfect introduction to the vastness of the Atlantic to expand your experience beyond inland seas in the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean.

Anyone who has read about the Canary Islands knows about the wind acceleration zones, especially between the western islands. Lanzarote scores as an ideal entry area with lower acceleration zones, short scenic stretches between wonderful, protected anchorages and marinas. In addition, the marinas, which have been awarded with cleanliness and service, offer a great infrastructure with restaurants, leisure activities and small shops to stroll through.
A great extra for experienced sailors with inexperienced crews as well as sailing schools and instructors are the “training jetties”, which are available after consultation with the marina administration.

The difference in height of the tides is around 2.5 meters. The marinas are independent of this when entering and leaving. The current is similar to the Baltic Sea. Only when anchoring you should keep an eye on the depth. At 5 meters below the keel, we recommend the appropriate chain length and the tripping line for a quiet and pleasant night.

For a relaxed arrival, we recommend that you announce the arrival with the corresponding lava charter boat around 1Nm in front of the marina to inquire about a place. It also makes sense to inform the marina for a smooth casting off, this can be done in person or via VHF. The marineros are helpful, speak English and support you and your crew with the lines when mooring and casting off.

The papers are already prepared in the Marina offices and you only have to sign for your stay. The fees are included in the “All-In-Comfort-Package” and do not apply to you. Should someone ask for it, the money will be displayed and you will receive it back on receipt.
Appropriate seamanship is required before implementing any recommendation.

Marina Lanzarote VHF Ch.09 | Tel: +34 928 663 263 +34 648 524649
Further contacts are listed in the descriptions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our base team.

LEG 1 – Marina Lanzarote – Puerto del Carmen (11nm)

After the check-in and the introduction to the booked Lava Charter sailing yacht, you and your crew will find the coyen with made beds and towels. So just stow the seven things and then it’s time for the first blow with 11Nm to the south. The marina Lanzarote is perfectly buoyed and the reefs are clearly visible in the plotter. After leaving the Marina Lanzarote and the cruise port, you also leave the following reef on the right side from a nautical point of view.
After about 2 nautical miles at “Punta de la Lagarta” there is the opportunity for a short break at anchor in the old port of Arrecife. This port is also suitable for overnight anchoring in northerly winds. If you want to go straight to Puerto del Carmen, you can sail along the coast at an appropriate distance. The further south you go, the further the wind decreases.
Dolphins can almost always be seen on this stretch. Asks for further details at check-in.

Puerto Calero is a marina in Lanzarote and a comfortable place. Water, electricity, WiFi, restaurants, shops, a supermarket, a gas station that is open every day and a laundrette are available here. Enjoy an evening stroll along the coastal paths in NE and SW directions from Puerto Calero.

Puerto del Carmen VHF Ch. 09 | Contact: +34 928 511285 marina@puertocalero.com www.puertocalero.com

LEG2 – Puerto del Carmen – Marina Rúbicon (11nm)

After breakfast we continue to the next anchorage, Playa Quemada, 1.6 nm away. Depending on the wind, you can relax here for a while, immerse yourself in the deep blue of the Atlantic and test the SUP. Especially at the time of day you can eat delicious here.

The anchorage consists of black sand and is rather loose, it is important to keep an eye on the position of the boat here. Further along the coast and past the fish breeding station, you round “Punta Papagayo” in the south of Lanzarote. This reef can be clearly seen in the plotter and with 20m of water on the Lot you are on the safe side here. On the west side of “Punta Papagayo” the bays of “Playa Papagayo” extend over a little more than 1 nm. The anchorage alternates between sand and rock. The sand offers optimal hold and can be easily recognized by the light spots in the water. A tripping line is recommended at every anchorage in the Canaries, in case the anchor gets stuck under a rock. Here you can again place the anchor for an overnight stay. Or you can try one of the mooring buoys. These belong to the excursion catamarans, which have the privilege, but usually leave the field around 1800 and only come back the next morning around 1000.

Anyone who decides in favor of the marina and a restaurant, full of cooking on the yacht, sails on to the Marina Rubicon. This beautiful marina is reminiscent of Venice with the restaurants on stilts and the Mediterranean flair.
A port offering space with easy approach and entry. WiFi, showers, a supermarket, shops, restaurants, water, electricity and a gas station are available. The Bar1 is a meeting point for many sailors. The big players of the scene have already been here.

Anchorage Papagayo Lanzarote Sailing Canary Islands

Marina Rúbicon VHF ch.09 | Contact: +34 928 519 012 info@marinarubicon.com www.marinarubicon.com

LEG3 – Marina Rúbico – Playa Papagayo (The length of the route varies depending on the wind)

Strengthened from breakfast, you can set sail from here and try your hand at the open Atlantic. If it gets too much for you, just turn around and continue training in the lee of the island. At which point the wind increases significantly can be seen on the water surface. Small rippling waves right next to smooth water show you a significant increase in wind. Here the courageous reefing is a logical maneuver in the first step. At this edge of the wind, south of “Punta Pechiguera”, the wind turns very often and blows much stronger from a completely different direction.
Depending on the feel-good factor, you can develop your talents here with all kinds of maneuver training.
Now it is time to return to the Marina Rubicon or anchor in front of “Playa Papagayo”, get out on the bathing platform, have a cool drink and enjoy the afternoon.

Anchorage Papagayo Lanzarote Sailing Canary Islands

Alternatively, a day at anchor with snorkeling, swimming, feasting and training with the SUP is on the program.

LEG4 – Playa Papagayo> Isla de Lobos (6nm)

From our point of view, a night at anchor at Isla de Lobos is a must. At 6nm the stroke is very short and offers plenty of time to practice in “La Bocaina” or to chill, snorkel, SUP “sup”, swim, sunbathe, watch kite surfers and relax in front of “Isla de Lobos”. Crystal clear water and a beautiful lagoon create a real feeling of paradise. Peace and quiet and a breathtaking starry sky are the reward for the night at the anchorage south of the “Isla de Lobos”. At the anchor, a tripping line makes sense again or you look for one of the mooring buoys. These belong to the excursion catamarans, which usually clear the field around 1800 and are back around 1000 the next day. In any case, check whether these also meet your expectations under water. So go snorkeling and check the fastening of the mooring.
You can get to the island via a stone pier and the dinghy.
As a responsible sailor, you have probably already discovered the reef on the SE side of the island.
No permit is required for anchoring. However, if you want to go to the island, please apply for a permit here.

LEG5 – Isla Lobos> Puerto Calero (14nm)

Anchors up and the reef rounded. Sail up and down for it. Which reef you then decide on site depending on the circumstances. Anyone who sails from here on an upwind course in the direction of Lanzarote will encounter schools of dolphins in various places, and other marine mammals can also be spotted here. In any case, in most cases it will be a day on the cross. Depending on how far you are from the islands, the better impression you get of the waves between the offshore and inshore zones. If it gets too much for you, you will continue to sail under land. If you want more, you can sail further out.

LEG6 – Puerto Calero – Marina Lanzarote (11nm)

Well rested it goes towards Marina Lanzarote. With a nautical distance to the coast, it goes along the white houses, the small airport, again white houses and the old port of Arrecife. Here you can swim and snorkel again before going back to the Marina Lanzarote. Alternatively, you can of course use the day as a full sailing day.
The wind increases the further you come to the north.
In the entrance to the cruise port, you can reach the marina on channel 9 and arrange for the boat to be refueled. Alternatively, you can refuel in Puerto Calero and then sail high. When you arrive at the marina, you are welcome to use our parking service.

Marina Lanzarote
Marina Lanzarote

Getting to know the skipper for the area is also possible for individual days.