Yacht care for private yachts and spare parts for regattas and Atlantic sailors

You know how important yacht care is. The regattas will start again soon and you want to be one of the first, right? Perhaps you are currently on your Atlantic crossing and looking for a reliable partner in the Canary Islands? Then we are exactly who you are looking for.

Located in the Marina Arrecife on Lanzarote, we are the first port of call on the Canary Islands and offer you a well-stocked nautical shop. In addition to high-quality spare parts, you will also find sailing accessories, camping gas and refills, as well as specialist literature and maps. Furthermore our online shop gives you an opportunity to check whether the required spare parts are available so they can be pre-ordered and picked up in our store. For that, we ask you to place your order in advance, if you need replacements outside of our stock, as delays in deliveries may occur. Click here for the online shop

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Attention Atlantic sailors and regattas! That’s why you need good yacht care.

How much fun it is to sail across the water enjoying long swells freedom and strong winds,knowing that you have a decent yacht under your feet that you can rely on?

Anyone who has already sailed the Atlantic knows that the wear and tear is simply higher than when having some bathing sailing trips in the Mediterranean Sea. As a springboard for Europe into the vastness of the Atlantic, we offer a reliable contact point for spare parts and repair services in the Canary Islands. So if you are starting your crossing from the Canary Islands or are passing through, we will be happy to help you. Problems always come inconveniently. That is why we are looking for solutions as quickly as possible. Obviously, we hope that there are no major problems during your crossing and look forward to see you in the Marina Arrecife.

SAFETY FIRST is probably one of the most well-known sailing sayings and for a good reason. Sailing is a great sport that brings a lot of fun. The forces acting on a yacht are enormous, which is why maintenance and control of the individual components are basic requirements for a safe sailing trip. As a charter company, we have years of experience in the field of yacht maintenance and services related to sailing boats. Worth to mention that we have already looked after some yachts outside of our fleet in the Marina Arrecife on Lanzarote.

A yacht with good yacht care by Lava Charter in front of La Graciosa

For the Atlantic you need special yacht care!

In the Atlantic and on Lanzarote in particular, the stress on boats is higher and weather phenomena such as Calima require special care. Our network on the island allows us to cover many areas of yacht care and through our Lava Chandlery we have various replacements on site or can procure them as quickly as possible. 

Since our Lava Chandlery is located directly in the Marina Arrecife, you save time when looking for spare parts. No taxi, no finally back in the marina and “oh, I forgot the safety device”. With us you will find all the equipment right on the jetty. Our philosophy is to shorten delivery routes and to act where there is a need, namely in the marinas. We also deliver larger orders from a value of 100 euros to the other marinas on Lanzarote. It is best to talk to your jetty neighbors, this will save you travel costs and together we will minimize unnecessary fuel consumption. Environment safe, everyone happy.

For yachts that are moored in the Marina Lanzarote, we offer the following:

Yacht care. A man polishing side of the white boat by grinder machine in the marina


• Cooking gas refill and new camping gas bottles

• Safety checks of fire extinguishers and life rafts/life jackets

• Placement of technicians for gas, refrigerator, engines, electronics, sailmaker, bimini/sprayhood/upholstery repairs

• As an additional service, we also offer safety certificates and SeeBG approvals for yachts with German flag with our partner MMS

• Riggers

• Oil and oil filter change

• We take care of the coordination of all repairs

• Maintenance due to Atlantic and Calima loading

Package for yacht care

• Monitoring, maintenance and care

• Inspection of fenders and mooring lines (weekly)

• Ventilate interior rooms weekly

• Engine room control

• Storm control

• Repairs and engine service

• Inspection and repair of yacht electronics

Work to be agreed on your yacht

• Polishing

• Boat cleaning

• Antifouling

• Check safety equipment

You can find an overview of yacht care here on our website.

Keeping your yacht in a ship shape, will save you from expensive reparations and stressfull situations.

In the end it is always cheaper to prevent than to repair. Your crew will appreciate.