You love to make fotos and videos? Then we have a great discount deal for you:

We’d like to present our Anchorman program as we think it’s a great win-win situation. Our anchorman program is very easy to explain: You take great pictures and videos of your sailing trip and share them with us. In return you will receive a 5% discount on your booking and we will post your pictures on social media. If you have your own personal blog or a public profile about sailing, we’d be happy to link you in the posts. We look forward to breathtaking footage of you and your crew!

Bavaria Cruiser 56 Gatsby Sailing coast Lanzarote Atlantic Canary Islands
Our Gatsby at the coast of Lanzarote

The anchorman program is restarting and only applies as a discount to new bookings.

You have a drone? That’s great! Have you ever tried flying your drone while sailing and was it complicated for you to land it on the boat? We have a tutorial for you, where you get all the necessary information for your drone flight while sailing. Check it out:

You need some inspiration for sailing trips around Lanzarote? Check out our “swimming and sailing trip” where you discover wonderful bays and beaches in the south of Lanzarote. If you book now in august you’ll get an SUP for your sailing trip on top of the last minute discount.