Lava Chandlers Sailing Equipement

Living and working in Lanzarote between sailing yachts and motor yachts.

Lava Chandlers stands for organizing and sales of high-quality yachting equipment for sailing yachts and motor yachts. We are based in the heart of Marina Lanzarote, right next to the Marina Office.
Since 2015 it has been established that Lava Chandlers delivers reliable and already has a wide suitable range in stock, especially for sailing yachties. What is not available straight away is gladly ordered, depending on availability as we have an access to a wide range of international suppliers.

Additionally, we also provide external services like maintenance of:  life rafts, HRU´s, life jackets, fire extinguishers and EPIRBs including cases with our Sub´s .Clients can also change cooking gas cylinders here in our Chandlery.   

Lava Charter is the mother company, that has the biggest permanent charter fleet of sailing yachts in the Canary Islands, whose yachts are as well interested in spares. Your connection is the tech team of Lava Charter.

We offer a permanent job position in our chandlery for the next possible date.
Our customers are international. Most of them are Atlantic crossers who prepare their voyage with us. Our season is from September to May. June to August is quieter so perfect time for enjoying your holidays. As a base for communication, DE, EN are essential. ES, FR would be a plus. We are happy to assist with any additional language courses and further trainings.

Our customers either pre-order by mail/phone or visit us directly in the chandlery.
You actively ask for their ideas and skillfully sell our articles to the sailing community. As Lava Chandlers and Lava Charter work together- with the support of our technicians, we are organising larger offers for fleet operators around the Canary Islands. In addition, we create concepts for yachts, provide support with expert opinions and with projects as a full solution system. The part for the organization of the components is your responsibility. Basic technical understanding and knowledge, as well as sailing experience are very helpful. An online shop has already started but needs some more attention.

You can play an essential role in the development of the Chandlery with your commitment, your passion and your motivation. A future handover of the management of the Chandlery into your hands is also conceivable.

Your daily tools are your friendliness and efficiency, the telephone, the cash register system of “DelSol” and the usual Microsoft Office programs. 

If you would like to work with yachts every day in the perfect, warm climate and the Atlantic Ocean and the above-mentioned requirements correspond to your passion, send us your application to “service(at)” together with signed document regarding data protection that can be found in this link :
Please include your ideas about your remuneration. Any comments for further training or alternative ways to compensate your achievements are also welcomed.