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Which standards are waiting for you on your charter in the Canary Islands?

  • We do a very detailed Check In/Out, but keep the paperwork as simple as possible:
  • We give a briefing about specials from us
  • Our yacht equipment is specialized to the requirements of the sailing area
  • Our yachts are maximum 35 weeks in charter per year as we take 17 weeks for maintenance in different slots spread over the year (high priority)
  • We only have monohulls, because it’s a monohull destination
  • We provide an All-In Service and have an All-In-Comfort pack which contains final cleaning, outboard, dinghy, towel sets, bedlinen, marina fees and much more (Link)
  • Beds are made
  • High quality equipment on the boat
  • You get help from us, if you have any problems
  • 24/7 hotline for emergencies and technical problems
  • Overnight sailing is possible
  • One-way sailing is also possible
  • Check out our reviews on (we were awarded 3 times in the category best multibase charter worldwide, 2 times first place, one time second place)

All-In-Comfort Pack

At first: The “All-In-Comfort Pack” eases up your whole sailing trip!

  • All marina fees on the whole Canary Islands are included. You only have to give notice to the marina administration by radio 2nm before arrival and subscribe in the marina office, anything else is already done.
  • Anchor approvals for wonderful anchorages like “La Frances” at the coast of “La Graciosa” or approvals for visiting the island “Isla de Lobos” are of course included, too.
  • You’ll receive your boat with high-quality prepared beds and a towel set for each crew member.
  • The gas filling is already done
  • You can choose between SUP and Dinghy (with outboarder and gasoline)
    Automatic lifevests with lifebelt for each crew member, baby / child lifevest and decklines
  • On top you get an extensive sailing equipement bag: portable radio, binoculars, navigation tools, maps (digital/terrestrial) and much more! (find the list in our FAQ)
Made beds on our Tortuga. Feel comfortable on your charter.

What makes the Canary Islands to a unique sailing area?

The Canary Islands were originally volcanic islands, the archipelago was formed by the Canary hotspot. The name Islas Canarias (Canary Islands) meaning “Islands of the Dogs” and has its name from the multitudes of sea dogs living there earlier times.
Although the Canary Islands are relatively near together you can experience a multitude of different microclimate zones and various nature. Also the climate is tropical as desertic, therefore it has been said to be one of the best in the world with temperatures mostly between 18 and 24 °C (64 and 75 °F). This is another point what makes it so popular for sailors who have been there. Furthermore the steady winds of the north east passat give you all you need for a stunning sailing trip! Lanzarote as the most popular sailing area in the Canary Islands, has awarded marinas, beautiful anchorages to stay overnight, very good restaurants and a very well organized tourism network all over the Island, specialized on sport, art and nature activities!

Who is Lava Charter and why Lanzarote?

Lava Charter was founded by the passion to sail from Michael Ranft. We have the biggest permanent fleet in the Canary Islands because of 365 days sailing weather. Lava Charter stands for high quality maintenance, 24/7 support service, friendly staff and organizing a sailing trip to your wishes! We are very well connected with all marinas and individual tourism all over the island. You need a Skipper? No problem! You want individual extras like training, diving lessons, stand up paddle or surfing? No problem! You need help with organization? We have the knowledge to help you out. Feel free to ask us anything you need. Now you know who we are but why Lanzarote?

Lanzarote is a 365 days sailing area in the Canary Islands with steady passat winds. Certainly 300 sunny days a year and the warm but not too hot climate gives you the basic requirements for a pleasant sailing trip. On top it’s currently an insider tip of sailors and because of that it’s not overcrowded nor you have much mass tourism. On the one side the island is very rough and untouched, on the other it is very good connected. Therefore you can really focus on nature, calm and sailing. On top you have the possibility to sail quickly to the next marina, because of short distances. Breathtaking are nights at the anchorages like Playa Francesa (La Graciosa) where you have a stunning view into night sky, because of no light pollution and the distance of the islands to the next continent (150 miles from Marocco).

Lava Charter Base in the Marina Lanzarote in Arrecife

Where are the Canary Islands exactly?

The Canary Islands are a secret spot under charter sailors, they are located int the east central Atlantic, 150 km west of Marocco. All Islands are about 249 nm East to west and are nearly on the same latitude as Florida. The names of the biggest islands are: Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, La Gomera, El Hierro, La Palma. From Central Europe you only fly 4 hours. Although the canary islands are part of the African Continent, they are included into the Spanish territory. The currency is Euro € and the time zone is Europe/Lisbon West European Time (WET). Lava Charter is based in Arrecife in the Marina Lanzarote by Calero Marinas.

Sailing Canary Islands
The Canary Islands have a huge diversity to discover.

How is the weather and climate?

As already mentioned, the Canaries are said to have one of the best climates in the world. The temperatures between 19 °C (winter) and 29°C (summer) gave the climate the name “Eternal Spring”. The most time of the year the winds are north east passat, sometimes you have “Calima” from south east (warm desertic winds from Sahara). Like the winds the weather is very stable with 300 sunny days a year.

From September to May you have between 15-20 knots constant wind plus gusts up to 25 knots and from June to August you have between 20-25 knots constant wind plus gusts up to 30 knots. Acceleration zones and cape winds are stable where they are (Plus around 10 knots) and Lanzarote is the easiest sailing area of the Canary Islands when it comes to acceleration zones.

How to navigate?

A very helpful navigation help is the Cruising Guide to the Canary Islands (, which you can also buy in our Lava Chandlery in Arrecife. 160 nm to sail around Lanzarote, the distances between the marinas start from 12 nm, what makes the planning for your sailing trip very easy. The sailing area Canary Islands are suitable for every kind of sailor, depending on experience and the season. The sailing area is mostly known by experienced sailors, thanks to the perfect conditions for Atlantic crossing preparations.

For unexperienced sailors it’s advantageous to book a skipper for the first days or for the whole sailing trip, but the canaries are perfect for learning and improving your sailing skills! Of course you can plan your sailing trip by yourself, but we also give you different itineraries that we made by ourselves. Lanzarote also gives you a safe place to sail, because of less ships and boats and much space.

You have 3 meters tides, few shallows and quiet anchorages apart from the marinas (for example: Playa Francesa, Papagayo, Los Lobos). The sailing conditions are perfect because of good buoyage it’s going straight forward, you can sail upwind and downwind and you can call the marinas on VHF around 2 miles offshore around Lanzarote.

Wonderful places to sail to?

The Marinas on Lanzarote are known as one of the best marinas in the Canary Islands, because the staff is very friendly and helpful. Every year they get awarded for cleanliness, infrastructure and good organization. Sailors always mention Puerto Rubicon because of the wooden bridges around the marina, the little restaurants and bars and it’s Venice flavor. Beside the Marinas following overnight anchorages (mooring buoys at night possible) make the Canary Islands to a unique sailing area:

La Graciosa

The waters surrounding La Graciosa are the only two marine and fishing reserves found in the Canary Islands. Playa Francesa’s Anchorage will let your imagination run wild as you admire the island where legend Long John Silver searched for treasure. As space is limited, it is required that a permit to anchor or berth at Caleta del Sebo be obtained. Our team can organise everything for you when you book with us.

Los Lobos

While visiting Lanzarote, take a trip to Isla de los Lobos and experience the tranquillity of this beautiful island. At first of all the small, remote island is part of the Parque Natural Islote de Lobos and has taken its name from the colony of monk seals that used to exist on the island.The island is an ecologist’s dream; a large number of endangered species inhabit the area, some of which are unique to the island. For example there are over 130 different species of vegetation, and Isla de Lobos is also a specific area for the protection of birds.


A treasure of the entire Canaries, Papagayo may be the best anchorage in all of the 7 islands. Just one nautical mile from Marina Rubicon, it is a must for every sailor. The waters are crystal clear and just perfect for snorkeling.

What about food and drinks?

Typical for Lanzarote are Tapas bars and local wine bars. In conclusion most known drinks are Malvasia, red wine, white wine and rosé and the favorite local foods are fish, papas asadas and arugadas (special potatoes), mojos (special sauces, dips) and goat cheese. If you like to preorder something for your sailing trip from the supermarket, we organize it for you!
Current prices for food and drinks are: tapas around 4 Euros, beer 1,50 Euros, wine 1,50 Euros, coffee 1,00 Euro. If you are looking for a special place to have dinner we recommend Los Aljibes, Emmax and Las Dunas.

What to see and what to do?

The sea life around the Canaries is outstanding, you have 35 kinds of mammals, various dolphins and whales swimming between the islands. A perfect hotspot, where you can nearly guarantee a visit from dolphins is between Arrecife and Los Lobos (anchorage). You can perfectly whale watch or snorkel around the islands. Also you can join coastal cruises around Lanzarote, for example the ARC starts in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the end of November. Thanks to the ARC you will visit many race sailors, specially from the Volvo Ocean race crew. You can do race training, if you are interested. You can discover the island and it’s unique lava landscape with black, red and white beaches. Mix sailing experience with land holidays in one of our Lava Resorts.

Lanzarote offers many cultural, nature and art activities, like the cactus garden, architecture art of Manrique and nature reserves like Timanfaya Park. Quit mass tourism and get into real places that give you a stunning view into the life on the Canary Islands and the evolution of our earth. Lanzarote is also known as a sport destination, you can dive, snorkel, mountain bike, e-bike, street bike, surf, stand up paddle, kite surf, skate, beach volleyball, swim and much more!

Which boat?

We have boats from Jeanneau 2018, Dufour 2017 and Bavaria from 2014 -2016. The prices stay same for all year. For more details and prices visit our website:
Watch our Drone Video Compilation:

Our Team

We have a focused Team, that tries to help you in every situation.

You are impressed by now? Well then listen to the Podcast with Jan from Lava Charter, passioned sailor, circumnavigator and base manager of Lava Charter base in Arrecife (Lanzarote).

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We hope to see you as soon as possible on the Canary Islands!

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