RYA – Trainingscenter

Atlantic training in the Canary Islands

The varied and diverse conditions are ideal for completing comprehensive Atlantic training. Strong wind sailing in a mild climate and with few rainy days is hardly anywhere else as easy as on the Canary Islands. The infrastructure, ports and coastline have great variability, which means there is a lot to train for. However, the climate and geographical conditions are such that the sailing area does not overwhelm you. The Canary Islands sailing area offers the challenges that you have to complete in the course of a training course and is also clear and pleasant. In addition, there is a great network of professional sailors and well-stocked sailing shops through the ARC and various other rallies. The fact that the Canary Islands is a year-round fishing area is another bonus that speeds up the learning process without interruptions. Lava Charter and MCO Sailing have opened an RYA training center in Lanzarote in Marina Arrecife in cooperation. Here you can train from beginner to professional level and complete professional sailing training.

Why RYA sailing licenses?

The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) has an excellent international reputation. The RYA sailing licenses are recognized worldwide and stand for quality, professionalism and intensive practical orientation. There are also theory lessons during the training, but they deal with the essential and practical topics that you later really need as a skipper and professional sailor. Another advantage is that the English sailing language is understood worldwide. You’ll learn it during the sailing training and you are thus able to communicate professionally and internationally.

Which licenses can be completed on Lanzarote?

On the Canary Islands you can complete all levels from the base to the Yachtmaster Offshore.

  • Competent crew (basic training basic knowledge)
  • Dayskipper (rent a sailing yacht during the day and in known waters)
  • Coastal Skipper (course and exam for in-depth sailing in coastal waters)
  • Yachtmaster Coastal (Safely steer a yacht up to 24 meters in all conditions, day and night)
  • Yachtmaster Offshore (Less tolerance for mistakes and professional license for international sailing industry)
  • Yachtmaster Ocean (demonstration of astronavigation skills, worldwide sailing)