The insurance from Hamburger Yachtversicherung Schomacker is recommended as it covers you for a host of additional scenarios that our insurance may not cover.
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Discover the 7 majestic Canary Islands by starting at Lanzarote, the Lava Charter’s exceptional equipped base.

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"Perfectly equipped boat, perfect service and perfect sailing area!"
Jens & Crew
"Im Übrigen: Bei mir ploppt regelmäßig das Bild unserer Walsichtung (Kurzfinnen Grindwal) SE Isla de Lobos hoch. Das werden wir wohl nicht vergessen."
Wolfgang & Crew
"We saw 20 dolphins 2nm W of El Golfo and sailed with them for 30 min."
Michael & Crew
"Warm welcome, pleasant sail. Very helpful with all the small things. Time to say good by."
Udo & Crew
"Every second worthy! Thanks to my Lava Team."
Jan & Crew
"The procession on Gran Canaria was very impressive."
Dirk & Crew
"Big thanks to the Lava Crew for their support at the RC Regatta.“
Nicholas & Crew
"La Graciosa is wonderful! As well as the whole cruise in this area! Luckily we had good weather conditions.“
Helmut & Crew
"The night adventure from Las Palmas to Lanzarote and Gran Canaria was great!"
Petr Svoboda & Crew
"Perfect service. Even at night with a broken depth sounder.“
Gerhard Crew


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