Because of the current situation and the spanish emergency decree (15th of march for 15 days minimum) we can’t offer any charter. Our Lava Chandlers shop is also closed for this time. Today morning we had a team meeting and set up a plan to make sure that at least one person is in the office and that the boats are kept in good condition. All charter guests, that have bookings for the next weeks, will be contacted today to find a good solution for everyone. Nobody can say how long this special situation will hold on, but we will keep you informed! If you have any questions please call us +49 7931 49 83 89 6 or send us an email to

We offer you following cancelation and rebooking options for all yacht charter, that you book from 13.03.2020 to 30.04.2020:

  1. Free cancelation of your booking without information of reasons up to 45 days after receiving the booking confirmation.
  2. If an official travel warning will be released by the authorities until the 30.04.2020 we cancel your booking without any costs for you.
  3. If you have problems with departure because of the Virus, quarantine or border closures, you get a 100% voucher valid for 12 month.
  4. If you prefer Lanzarote because Tenerife is to insecure, you can choose to start your charter holidays at Arrecife Lanzarote without any additional costs.

If you have already booked, call us on the number +49 7931 49 83 89 6 and we will together find an individual solution!

In case of unforeseeable incidents or before the 30.04.2020 we will give you again some information via newsletter! Until then we wish you the best, stay healthy and mindful.
We thank you for your trust!
Fair winds,
your Lava-Team