“Ahoy, sailing enthusiasts and sea lovers!  Are you ready for a sailing trip to some of the most beautiful anchorages in the Canary Islands? With crystal clear waters and breathtaking landscapes waiting to be explored?  The Canary Islands offer everything that makes for an unforgettable sailing adventure. Grab your charts and navigation tools and get excited about our 5 favorite anchorages.

Playa Francesa (La Graciosa)

If you’re looking for an idyllic anchorage in the Canary Islands, Playa Francesa on La Graciosa is the place for you. This secluded beach is only accessible by water or helicopter, making it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With its crystal clear waters and gigantic volcanic cliffs in the north of Lanzarote, Playa Francesa is a truly magical place. Since the island is far away from any light pollution, the night sky is fantastic. Grab your bed linen and a glass of wine and relax on deck while watching the stars shine – it’s simply breathtaking! There is no infrastructure on the coast of Playa Francesa. The nearest shopping possibility and restaurant is at the marina of La Graciosa.

The best thing about anchoring off Playa Francesa is that you have the whole beach almost to yourself. It is the perfect place for swimming, sunbathing and exploring.

Playa Papagayo (Lanzarote)

These secluded bays are located along the south coast of Lanzarote. They offer impressive views of the neighboring islands Los Lobos and Fuerteventura. Playa Papagayo is a popular place for diving and snorkeling, as the water is clear and the underwater world is rich. There is a restaurant on the beaches and also the anchorage is not far from Marina Rubicon in Playa Blanca, which is known for its good infrastructure and its pretty little wooden bridges. A little tip for night owls and party animals is the Flagship Bar directly in the marina.

Tip: Since the beach bays are popular with vacationers, they are very well attended during the season. Here it is worth looking for the smaller, more secluded bays if you want to avoid the hustle and bustle a bit.

Paso de la Orchilla (Los Lobos)

Los Lobos is a small island located between the coasts of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura. Paso de la Orchilla is a popular anchorage for sailing yachts, as it is well protected from the northeasterly trade winds (prevailing wind direction). There is no infrastructure on the island, as it is a nature reserve. To visit the island you need a permit. Especially for nature lovers, biologists and adventurers a land excursion is worthwhile. (link to the history of the island. At La Graciosa/Playa Francesa link to MCO/JTC) Like La Graciosa, it is only accessible by water or helicopter, which makes it a quiet and pristine place to spend the night.

Los Christianos (Tenerife)

Los Christianos is a popular anchorage on the island of Tenerife, one of the largest islands in the Canary Islands. This anchorage is well protected from the strong trade winds that blow across the islands, making it a popular spot for both recreational and charter boats. There is a marina and several anchoring facilities in Los Christianos.

The town of Los Christianos itself is an extremely popular tourist destination with its sandy beaches, restaurants and bars. The town is very lively and even if it doesn’t convince with a beautiful cityscape, it has a lot to offer for tourists.

Anchorage in front of the marina of Vueltas (La Gomera)

If you are a nature lover and love forests, you can’t avoid La Gomera. This small island is a true jungle paradise. Besides the immense nature on the island, the sea also has a lot to offer. Whales and dolphins can often be spotted here, as the waters around the island are little frequented.

Anchoring is rather difficult in the western Canary Islands, so we would like to give you a tip for La Gomera:

If you want to avoid the tidal range in the anyway very small marina Las Vueltas, you should use the anchorage in front of the harbor. Here you can enjoy the sunny side of the island during the day and at night you have calm waters in the protected bay. If the sky is clear, you can experience a beautiful starry sky here. With the dinghy you can easily go ashore and sunbathe on the beach.

In the village of Valle Gran Rey you will find restaurants and opportunities for shopping.

Generally you can say that the best and safest anchorages are around Lanzarote with the small neighboring islands La Graciosa and Los Lobos.